Deer hunting!

Every Autumn in September starts the season for Deer hunting.

I have a great time hunting together with my family and neighbours, it makes the pain off being in bad shape "almost" go away. (and it gets better for each trip we take.)

Deer meat is delicious, will publish a couple off my best cooking recipes  for deer when i get the time.

Under you will find some picture from the hunting, enjoy.


The first day off the hunt, impressive... isn't it?

Its hard work to pull the deer down from the mountain.

A little break while waiting for everyone to get in place.

Halfway , taking a break.

We have to take out the stomach before dragging the deer down from the mountain.

It's a dirty jobb, but someone's gotta do it.

The hunt is over, we didn't shoot anything this time..

Great view, here you can see Grøndalen.