The House.

The house was finished the summer of 1999. My friends and family helped a lot in building the house.

This is in fact the second house I build. The first one was build in Myrvåg in Sunnmøre.

The foundation.                                                                                                       Hard work, but it's beginning take shape.

We used the whole vacation + a bit of the autumn to get the walls off the basement done.


 This is the house around new year.                                                                                                                           

Almost finished outside.


Here we have just started on the inside off the house.

I use hot water to heat my house.                                                                                    


I use a IVT  heat pump to heat the water for my house. It extract heat from bed rock 113 meters down.

 The end result. (But still much to do, need a garage, finish the garden...... )


Cellar: 98sq.m big

Main: 170sq.m built on two floors.

The cellar have 12sq.m kitchen, 26sq.m living room, 3 bedroom 10-12sq.m, bathroom 6sq.m

On the first floor there are 22sq.m kitchen, 30sq.m living room, 10sq.m hall, 7sq.m bathroom, .

On the second floor there are 4 bedrooms and a 10sq.m bathroom.