This is a bit of what I find funny, enjoy.

Look for translation under the pictures.

"as boys scout you have to learn to recognize some of the 

most dangerous and unreliable creatures in nature"


I'm really happy we don't have cows like this in Norway.


advertise on TV can be really funny sometimes:


Here are a collection  of some sports that didn't go as planned.


Beer is luckily not something that I drink...


Home office is dangerous.




Kids, beautiful creatures that take after their parents

                                           "Turn down that monkey music"                                    "I have become my father"

Pondus is a great Norwegian comic, it is better then most comics i know off.

He: are you out with your dog again?

I think dogs seems so stupid.

She: and why the hell do you think that?

He: Don't you think that it's a little stupid to run after a stick all day?

Nemi is another great Norwegian comic strip.



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Want one!

If you cant afford silicon :-)





Just the way it is!