This page in Norwegian. 

Welcome to my homepage. Here you will find a bit about me and my hobbies.

This is my first attempt to make a homepage, so i guess its going to be some changes as  i get more experienced.

I hope you like it,  and would love to get some feedback on it.

Me, in Oslo 2013

I live in Nordalsfjord in Flora,  here lives around 300 people.

FlorÝ is the centre of the municipality of Flora in the county of Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. The town was founded by royal decree in 1860. FlorÝ is the westernmost city of Norway.

The town used to constitute a municipality of its own, but was merged with Kinn, Bru and Eikefjord in 1964 to form Flora.

Every new year evening we have something called Kjippen in FlorÝ.

Here are some nice pictures from Kinn .

Here is FlorÝ from air.



Stabben Fyr is one off the landmarks.